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Choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding day isn’t easy. There’s so many more options right now than ever, such as duo (photo & video), lone-wolf/lioness’s & teams, Moods like Dark and striking or bright and airy – maybe something in between… If you are feeling anxious during the planning stage when considering a wedding photographer then this blog is for you. 




Their Photography Style

This ones a hit! You must have seen a style that resonates most with you. If you’ve been searching on social media endlessly saving all your favourite photographs and imagining your partner and you in them, then you’ve a perfect start. If you are new to this though, it might be a bit hard to gather your thoughts on what colours you want, but you are not alone. Go onto Pinterest/Google/Instagram and search for wedding inspiration and save all the colours, poses and styles you want! You will know exactly who you’re looking for in no-time that matches your taste.




doing an engagement photoshoot

There’s nothing better than booking a couple photoshoot to get to know your wedding photographer, as they will basically be your third wheel for your wedding day. Many couples love a familiar personality like them, someone to make them feel more relaxed and easy, or maybe someone that hangs back in the shadows and captures those natural candid portraits through-out the day. 

A couple shoot will open up so many new avenues with your partner, you will get photographs that you love, a fun experience, tips and tricks on how to pose for your wedding photographs, if you’re feeling anxious or hate looking at the camera in general. It’s a win, win, win when getting prepared for your special day. 

If you would like to view what an engagement/pre-wedding photoshoot looks like, you can have a look at Lucy & Andrew’s Pre – Wedding Photoshoot here.




the right fit

The right fit is crucial when it comes to choosing your wedding photographer. Your personality is unique and deserves to be recognised when you are planning your dream wedding. No matter what quirky add-ons or themes that you choose to display: your photographer’s personality should match your intentions and rave your inner light. If you want someone that’s fun to be around, can joke and have a laugh with, who makes you feel at ease during your photoshoot and doesn’t add stress to the occasion then you might be on to someone. We are there not only to capture your day, we are there to help you create the best wedding day your way.  




turnaround time after the wedding

Many photographers differ in turnaround times. Make sure to ask your photographer about when to expect your wedding photographs after your wedding. How I work, and is very clear on my contract is, you will receive a random selection of images hand-edited within 24 hours after your wedding. Then, I will attach a collection of 600+ hand-edited digital photographs of the highest quality on a downloadable online gallery within 4 weeks after your wedding date. 





asking for wedding advice

When asking someone who’s in the wedding industry for advice and they don’t know or can’t point you in a direction that will help your query is very frustrating. Asking your wedding photographer for advice or recommendations is a must, but only if you feel stuck and need our help. I’ve photographed loads of weddings over the years and have worked closely with some awesome suppliers that I would happily recommend to be part of creating your special day the way you want it.




their testimonials & kind words

Before the purchase of a product or service, the likelihood of checking for reviews is ingrained in us. The peace of mind that something is legit and recommended is huge. Scouring facebook or google for your wedding photographers raves is beneficial because it means they’re real and can provide you with the best service.

You can read my reviews right here: Click me.




view an online gallery

Asking your photographer to view a real life wedding gallery is the modern way to tell your story. This shows you what you’ll be presented with after your wedding and the look & feel when scrolling through your wedding images in a collage style. Trust me, it’s a beautiful process. 

If your photographer is old school and hasn’t got use of an online medium then ask to view their USB drives of a full wedding day that they’ve photographed.

Never seen what an online gallery looks like? Click here to view my 4 unique real wedding galleries from past couples. 





boring contracts

You are so right, they are boring! But a contract must be read and signed off on. This doesn’t just protect the guidelines for just the photographer, they’re in place for you too. Carefully read each section and make sure you understand the rules and regulations. We only want the best wishes for your wedding day and that things go as smoothly as butter through-out the day. Take it like this, if you didn’t sign it and god forbid something happened before, on, or after your wedding day then you won’t be covered for anything and lose out. On a positive note, you are awesome and after reading this… you will sign the contract present.




That album touch

The touch, smell and feel of a wedding album in your hands is one of the finest feelings you’ll experience when you hold your wedding memories in a storybook. When arranging to meet with your photographer make sure to ask him to bring one or a selection of his wedding albums to your meeting. I love to bring my wedding album’s so couples can visualize what their dream album looks like, from picking the material of fine leather, rustic or paisley to the fresh touch of the pages within the storybook. 




Knowing What you want

Knowing what you want is the key when planning your big day. Lets begin at budgeting, the biggest chunk should be for setting a date & booking your venue. Then, leave aside 10% for your wedding photography. Photography isn’t just about point and shoot, here you go, transaction. It’s a huge factor. Our aim is to bring you lasting memories in photographs, storybooks and other memoirs for you to look back on when you’re older, to show your grandkids and even further generations of the family.  

Taking time to figure out with your partner what you both want is smart. What you need to think about is: if you’d like bridal preparations to your first dance as a married couple, would you just love that couple photoshoot to breathe the raw connection that you feel at a location of your choice, would you like a USB drive to store your photos, and would you desire that wedding album that has all of your gorgeous photographs sealed inside for decades to hold its value. Once you know what hits home to you both, you’ve got it!



So, thats my top 10 tips on choosing your wedding photographer. I really hope this helps you find the perfect photographer for your wedding day.

If you have any questions or think that we make that perfect team for your big day, get in touch using the ‘Inquire Now’ button below. We look forward to hearing from you and much much more about what you have planned for your special day.


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