5 Pro Tips On How To Overcome Camera Anxiety

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It’s a scary thought amidst planning your wedding day when you come to the realisation that you are a tad camera shy and a bit afraid of the lens pointing at you for most of the day. 

Anxiety is a normal part of the wedding day experience and the last thing you need right now is to stress about your photographs. That’s where I can help… Here are my 5 pro tips to overcome camera anxiety.





Camera shy? no biggie…

So, the first part of what I mentioned above is the fear of cameras, or being super shy around them… I get it. The real thing here is that you want to have the best wedding photography imaginable – without the pressure. When you are about to get your photo taken, treat the camera like it’s not there and be in the moment with your loved one. 

The beauty here is we want to vision your raw connection. From the moment you say your ‘I Dos,’ to the little glances between the two of you and the natural scenes throughout the day. 

Here are 10 second intervals that will help ease your mind when you’re getting your picture taken.  

  • Keep your eyes on your partner – gaze, smile, hold hands, laugh.
  • Choose a line of sight – the furthest thing from you (object or tree etc).
  • Come closer – do you see that tiny grain of sand, or stone on the ground? … Look at it.
  • In the moment – close your eyes and snuggle up close to your partner.

Now look at the camera – BOOM! – You’re ready! 




take a breath and turn

Breathing is a luxury. When the camera is looking straight at you, just take a breath. Sounds easier said than done, doesn’t it? Ok… Inside your mind, I want you to do this little exercise… First, relax your shoulders, just drop them like a dead weight. Breathe in and count one, breathe out, two, and TURN! 

Trust me, at this moment the camera starts snapping and you will be in your element.


Overcome Camera Anxiety

Claire & Jamie, Wedding at Inishowen Gateway Hotel

Overcome Camera Anxiety



slow dancing, twirl, twist & shout

You’ve heard of John Mayer’s ‘Slow Dancing In A Burning Room,’ right? Well, don’t cringe, but hum that song, or something familiar to you, in the moment. The dancing doesn’t just have to be during the first dance, it can be during the photoshoot too. 

I always like to interpret a slow dance into the mix with my wedding couples. It’s a good way to ease into the flow of emotion. You do that twist, and your wedding dress flows behind your turn, creating some stunning imagery like a time lapse, then on your landing your partner catches you close. Now these pictures are going to look amazing! I did say you’ll be a pro!




Pinterest is your bestfriend

There are multiple streams of wedding planning platforms online. The one I recommend time and time again is Pinterest. You can search for almost anything and have a ton of weddings ideas at your disposal. Create a board, give it a name and search for wedding photography poses.

From here, you’ll see all the different styles and positions that you too can recreate or dream of for your wedding photos. Pin-it and you’ll have it forever to look back on whenever you need it. 





Have some fun!

You have spent months, maybe even years, planning your big day – now it’s time to have some fun! 

Your wedding photoshoot doesn’t need to be perfect; it can be anything you desire. If you find that smiling doesn’t come natural to you, it doesn’t have to be. You can fake it, and whilst you’re faking it, the real laughs begin to shine through… Let your personality out, get silly with your bridal party and pull funny faces. Run towards the camera or strike a pose… Cut loose! Your photographer will know just what to do during your intimate photo session. They are your ideal guide into creating your special day the way you want it. When your wedding photographer tells you what to do, you will be ready for anything.



Claire & Jamie, Wedding at Inishowen Gateway Hotel

So, thats my 5 pro tips on how to eliminate being camera shy. I really hope this helps you not to be anxious of that big bad camera, its only abit of hard plastic afterall.

Planning the wedding of your dreams and need some guidance? I’ve got the thing for you! Click here for your free wedding guide. 

If you have any questions or think that we make that perfect team for your big day, get in touch using the ‘Inquire Now’ button below. We look forward to hearing from you and much much more about what you have planned for your special day.


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