Getting Engaged, Lost and Freaking 0ut?

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Getting Engaged?

It’s the million dollar question in your mind. If you are overthinking everything about the big day that you propose to the one. These are the reasons why considering a wedding photographer might be the best thing you can do. Let’s do this…



Table of Contents


Down On One Knee




Become A Spy


Is That It?


Flaunt It!





Plan, Plan… Anxiety, Stress Overload, BOOM!

It takes at least a good solid month to plan something this big under your girlfriend/boyfriends nose! You can’t let up and you need to be amazing at keeping secrets. Don’t fret, as a photographer we are your shoulder to cry on, we are there 24/7 throughout your hurdles and upsets. It can be stressful leading up to the big day, but for advice or guidance we can help you with this transition. You are not alone.




Have I ever wanted to become a spy for a day?

Yes! That’s what it’s like. You see, I am the background. I am shooting the mountains or away in my own world photographing interesting stuff… Get the jist? I have my long 70-180mm zoom lens at the ready just blending into the scene. Of-course, I am awaiting for your signal that we have created when you are about to pop the question. This is when the camera changes direction onto the both of you, capturing it all. – or we can fake a couple shoot to build my portfolio, your call.




After she/he says Yes, is that it?

No, not at all! We have still got loads to do. Once she or he says YES to your proposal – and you’re newely engaged 😍… I come into the equation, either by you telling our little secret or I walk up to you both, surprise!. The emotion between the two of you will be raw and beautiful, and I will still be photographing around your aura. I join the two of you together for some natural, posed, candid shots, to up-close & personal, and that money front page shot that you will look back on for decades. Estimated timeframe after the engagement? About 40 minutes tops.



It’s a special occasion, flaunt it!


Two parts to this one…

Attire to wear, act normal? Make a day out of it! Dress up in your go-to clothes, grab a coffee and cake to takeout and venture to a place only you both know that makes sense. Woo your favourite person in the world, but keep the engagement low key if you can. I suggest, smart/casual, flowy and fun.

And the final point… Once you get your gallery containing your lushes photographs, you have full control of what you do with them. Show your family and friends, share them on your social media to highlight your milestone together on the adventure to marriage. Why stop there? Create an engagement album with your favourite pictures, or use the built-in L’art store for prints and canvas. The world is in your hands.




A new relationship with someone you trust

Your photographer, no matter who you had behind your back the full step of the way. You have found someone awesome who was there through-out your engagement process, to see you shine both emotionally and happy. This bond holds something true, something to consider when you are searching for that special wedding photographer for your wedding day. They might be the missing piece to your puzzle. It’s a bonus in disguise when your photographer walks with you leading up to the big day.



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